Moe Digger Photography. is run by Mary Goldau; a freelance photographer who is based in Munich, Germany.


This site is currently only featuring private projects. Please contact her directly for work samples, booking or other inquires. 


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Variety indeed. I've spent the last two weeks in a studio filled with people, loud music and lots of action. This week, back in a studio, but now instead of jumping laughing people it's just me and the mannequins. 

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Alpine Horns.

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Discovered at Tegernsee after a hike in the mountains. 

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A short story from earlier this summer, when we took an afternoon trip to "Der Verrückte Eismacher" (the crazy ice cream maker). It's an ice cream parlor where, as the name reveals, you can have the normal flavors, but if you are feeling adventurous enough you can have things like sauerkraut or calamari! 

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